Feel the Summer Breeze

I am so happy to be able to release the first single of my upcoming album, The Azure Sea. It turns out the album will be a full album after all with 11 new songs.

But first let’s catch the last of the summer heat (there’s only rain where I am sitting) with my new single, Feel the Summer Breeze. It is a fairly positive and upbeat indieFolk song with a bunch of my trademark instruments (I am not really sure I have trademark instrument) such as Clarinet, Baritone Sax, Cello, Accordion, Upright bass, Dobro and Mandolin. The last three all played by Per Solgaard.

I think the song is about finding your place in the world and get up on your feet after a heavy blow. Just in time to feel the summer breeze.

I hope you will enjoy and warm and sunny vibes the songs offer and shares it with your loved ones. There will be a video for it soon 😊

You can stream the song here or go straight to Spotify

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