And that’s a wrap!

I have just received the final master of my next 7 track album/EP which will be called The Azure Sea. I am really happy with how the album came out and have been further exploring some of the musical ideas that I had during recording The Greater Good. So, this will be a return toFortsæt læsning “And that’s a wrap!”

May Flower Video

My new video YouTube just now. Check it out 🙂 I am pretty happy about this video, feeling that more and more pieces are falling into place and first successful use of my new green screen (which is really more like a huge pieces of wrinkled green clothing). As with the previous videos I didFortsæt læsning “May Flower Video”

Album review in IndieLife

Please Panic! has been reviewed in on the Italian Music blog IndieLife, and for those of you who doesn’t understand Italian here’s a Google Translate of the review. I noticed something interesting about Google Translate. If you specify the source language the translation is much better. This is weird because the engine clearly translated fromFortsæt læsning “Album review in IndieLife”

Lyrics and credits for Please Panic!

I have just added the lyrics and credit info for Please Panic in the section Albums–> Please Panic! There’s a direct link here I haven’t added that much info regarding the songs so far. I will probably add some more when I get some time to think 🙂

Review in Static Dive

My new album, Please Panic!, have been reviewed on the Static Dive music blog. I think they have some really good points – of course it is a great plus that they like the album 🙂 How We End have been added to the Deep Dive playlist in great company. Check it out!

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