What is this?

Hi, I’m Rasmus Fynbo (formerly Mushi, but that name was simply too silly in the long run).

I’m glad you found me. Not many people have!

I have made music for more than 25 years and my music is very diverse. There’s something for almost everyone here (when I say “here” I really mean Spotify and all other digital platforms).

I would describe my music as one-of-a-kind combination of Indie pop/rock, as well as folk and Balkan music with a pinch of cabaret. I love blending genres and the use of untraditional arrangements. While my songs are an easy listen, the subjects they cover are usually kind of heavy. I don’t write much about myself. Instead I write about things and stories that fascinate me – the wrongs of society, the future we are gambling with, crazy love stories. I love songs that are filled with contrast and stories that are slightly grotesque.

I have released 6 full length albums over the years and they have all been recorded at home with friends, or in recent years, with musicians from all over the world (from a safe distance) . 

I have made a little beginner’s guide to my albums here:

*If you want your pizza with country and western or are having friends for dinner and mostly want calm music in the background, then Last Day of Sanity is the album for you.

*If you are concerned about the state of the world and the climate or fancy IndieFolk mixed with Balkan head over to The Greater Good

*Looking for a mix of Folk and IndieRock in the veins of Eels you should taste Unbelonging Revisited.

*Want crazy and unhappy love songs garnished with happy music? Unfairytales is the one for you.

*Looking for a Pizza with “Everything we have in the fridge”? Go for End of Faith or From Across the Fields

These songs are selected by me. If you only have 2 hours to spare I think these are the songs you should listen to (first)

Video for Above The Sea

I have just released a music video for he song Above the Sea: This is a new type of video. All images in the video was created with an Image Generating AI called MidJourney. It is not really an AI, but apparently everything that is amazing and hard to understand created by a computer is…

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