Music video for Down the Rabbit Hole

I am happy to present a music video for “Down the Rabbit Hole” from the album “The Azure Sea”.I am pretty happy with how the video came out and the fact that I made everything myself – albeit with the help of computer tools that probably didn’t exist a year ago. So how did IFortsæt læsning “Music video for Down the Rabbit Hole”

Review in Divide and Conquer Music

The music site “Divide and conquer music” has reviewed my album and given it a score 4.1 out of 5. The even labeled it “Top Album”. “There really isn’t much to critique with these songs. I loved the whole thing from beginning to end. Highly Recommended.”I say, thank you very much.It already feels like itFortsæt læsning “Review in Divide and Conquer Music”

Review in Sleeping Bag Studios

Sleeping Bag Studios (another weird name for a music blog) has review The Azure Sea. This is probably the longest and most thorough review of any of my albums to this date. It was an almost overwhelming delightful read – here’s a very small part of it: “There really has been an extraordinary effort madeFortsæt læsning “Review in Sleeping Bag Studios”