Music video for Grease Monkey

So, I have new music video for you.

This time I have made a video for Grease Monkey (I am not really done with the video for Feel the Summer Breeze, so I’ll post this one first). Grease Monkey is a song from my 2018 Album, Unbelonging.

The video features cars, mysterious women dancing and people aimlessly wandering about in the desert, which pretty much sums up what this song is about. Lighthearted, catchy and upbeat – perfect for a rainy (or sunny) Friday.

You can listen to the song on Spotify here:

The song was first recorded in 2004, but I wasn’t really very fond of the original version. Somehow it sounded half-baked. As I started to work on the song I realized that the potential of the song was much greater than I thought. It ended up as my favorite song of the new album. The most prominent change to the song are the brand-new lyrics (and lead vocal) – I hated the original lyrics which felt super dumb, so I tried to create a similar atmosphere, without changing the chorus, but with less stupid lyrics.

Bonus info: The term “Grease Monkey” is WWII slang for someone who repairs tanks. It really doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I found the phrase really catchy. I was playing a lot of Battlefield 1942, when I wrote the song and it is something the characters says a lot in that game.

Oh, this desert isn’t dry
Sound of laughter nearby
She’s been travelling the sand
In her home-made tin can
And always wanting more

I am drowning in her eyes
Such an uncanny size
We are lying on the ground
Her lips they move yet make no sound
And she is wanting more

La la la la la, she said
Be my grease monkey
La la la la la, she said
Be my grease monkey
La la la la la
Be my waterhole

The sun is closer to the ground
There is no one around
I see the shimmering replays
Of a live spent in a daze
And I will beg for more

La la la la la, she said
Be my grease monkey

And when the steam is rising, you know
The engine’s going to blow

La la la la la, she said
Be my grease monkey

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