Music video for Rocketpack Upgrade

As promised, I am not only releasing a new old single today, but I am also releasing a totally unrelated music video for Rocketpack Upgrade!

The background of the song is a story that I was once told of a guy who worked as a flight mechanic in the British Navy. Once while having sex with his girlfriend, he decided to put on a fighter pilot helmet half way through the act. I thought that was a hilarious image for making a song. The lyrics is a bit wacky and over the top so I wanted the video to tap into that with this mosaic design.

The song is available on a bunch of digital platforms, but here is the direct link to Spotify:

I actually recorded two different versions of this song and it so happens that I (now that I think about it) prefer the other version. In hindsight it seems kind of dumb that I made a video for this version then. But I really like both songs, but you should really check out the other one as well. It is just called Rocketpack and is from the 2008 album, End of Faith:

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