Music video for Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole from the album “The Azure Sea”

I am happy to present a music video for “Down the Rabbit Hole” from the album “The Azure Sea”.
I am pretty happy with how the video came out and the fact that I made everything myself – albeit with the help of computer tools that probably didn’t exist a year ago.

So how did I make it? First of I wanted to see if I could make a video that looked like it was made out of paper cut art. Also I wanted the video to be more than just a series of lifeless pictures.

I did a bit of research (which honestly consisted of little more than watching a few youtube videos on the subject) and found that with the two tools D-ID (facial animation) and GenMo (text to animation) I could breathe a bit of life into the pictures.

First I created all the stills with Midjourney, then animated them with GenMo and D-ID. For the facial animation I fed D-ID with the isolated lead vocal from the song which in return created the lipsync for the faces.

D-ID is not great with cartoon like faces like the ones I used so I had to generate a lot of different ones to see which ones would be accepted as a face. Also D-ID can also only animate a picture where the face looks directly at the viewer.

I then had to use online-video-cutter, which is a tool for removing water marks from images and videos. On top of that I used Topaz AI for upscaling the images and videos to HD. Finally I assembled the video in Adobe Premiere Pro. Usually when creating music videos most of my time is spend editing.
This time the editing was super simple and only took a few hours (mainly due to revisions).

All in all my best estimate is that I spend 10-15 hours making this video including the research, which is a lot less than I would normally spend on a music video.

4 months ago I created a similar video by using Midjourney for “Above the Sea”, but this one was more like a slide show. Looking at it now – only 4 month later – it looks totally outdated.

It is a testament to how fast things are moving at the moment. I wonder why kind of video I can make in a year!

On the album “The Azure Sea” there is different version of “The Rabbit Hole”. It has a completely different kind of video.

Let me know what you think! Did you like the video?

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