Video for Above The Sea

I have just released a music video for he song Above the Sea:

This is a new type of video. All images in the video was created with an Image Generating AI called MidJourney. It is not really an AI, but apparently everything that is amazing and hard to understand created by a computer is deemed to be an AI in the popular imagination.

Anyway, every line of lyrics in the song was given as a prompt for the image generator and created in the style of Pino Daeni and Yoji Shinkawa. So in a sense this video is Midjourneys interpretation of the lyrics. I had to make changes as some part of the lyrics didn’t conjured anything meaningful. In all the parts where there are not lyrics I created a suitable image.

I created 650 images for the song. I am not sure how many I used in the end.
Sometimes the results are pretty surprising, like did you see the guys playing on oranges?

I also created images for all my songs on Spotify. You can read about in previous posts!

Right now I am planning making a new video entirely out of paper cut images like the one below. This is also created with the help of Midjourney.

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