The Rabbit Hole

On Friday October 15th my new album, The Azure Sea will be released. As a teaser of sorts, I have released a new video for one of the songs that haven’t been released yet. But now you can watch it on YouTube and dive straight into The Rabbit Hole.

This is a song about those who believe in conspiracies and those who make a living of keeping the conspiracies alive. It amazes me what absurd things people are willing to believe. I know that this is what the conspiracy people also thinks of “those who haven’t seen the light” yet, so I guess it goes both ways.

It fascinates and saddens me that some people can build their whole identity around something that most others find absurd, like that the earth is flat or that we’ve never been to the moon or that we are controlled by lizard aliens. But it is also kind of funny.

I hope you enjoy this slightly silly video. We had a great time shooting it and I think this one is my best yet.

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