The Azure Sea

My second single from my coming album The Azure Sea is out today. For the sake of convenience, the new single has the same name as the album.
As a teenager I was fascinated by the traditional folk songs where the stories circled around sailors and sirens. The idea that a lot of men would sail around the world most of their and dream of being somewhere else seemed exotic and pointless (at that time I thought they were sailing around for fun). The Azure Sea is a story in the same vein – the old sailor who has nowhere left to go on land and dreams about a siren out at sea that never really existed
As usual I wasn’t alone in recording this song and actually the whole song is based on the guitar riff (played on dobro) that Per Solgaard recorded for another one of my songs (that didn’t make the cut).

Per Solgaard: Bass, Mandolin, Dobro.
Sandra Bullet: Backing vocals.
Andrea Di Giacomo: Accordion
Mathias Lunde: Guitars
Nina Uzelac: Cello

There will be a video out for this song next Friday 😊

Listen to the song on Spotify:

It is also available on a bunch of other platforms, but I haven’t got the landing page for those yet.

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