And that’s a wrap!

I have just received the final master of my next 7 track album/EP which will be called The Azure Sea. I am really happy with how the album came out and have been further exploring some of the musical ideas that I had during recording The Greater Good. So, this will be a return to a more indie folk album with plenty of exotic instrument. To celebrate the new album, I will be releasing a completely unrelated standalone single next Friday. With a bit of luck, I will be releasing a new video as well. Not a video of the new single. Again, it will be a video for a totally unrelated song.

If you think this is a really stupid and confusing promotion strategy I fully agree. But then promotion was never really my strong suit. Besides, the world is a chaotic and confusing place. We better just adjust to that.

Here’s a picture from a video recording I did recently. Again, for a totally unrelated song, but I think the message needed a picture that didn’t say anything, so here it is.

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