May Flower Video

My new video YouTube just now. Check it out 🙂

I am pretty happy about this video, feeling that more and more pieces are falling into place and first successful use of my new green screen (which is really more like a huge pieces of wrinkled green clothing). As with the previous videos I did everything by myself. I hope it is not painfully obvious (I might have fooled my brother).

May Flower is not a new song. It was recorded in 2010 and released quite some years later as part of the Album Last Day of Sanity. I really love the song, for me it is simple, to the point and really heartfelt.

For a song of mine it has really few instruments – I think everything is played on guitar and tambourine. I can’t think of any other song I have recorded that have so few instruments.

The song is kind of bitter sweet and naïve. It is based on my very first and fairly unlucky experience with love at the age of 16. A broken heart is a mandatory part of being a teenager and now it seems ridiculous that such a rejection caused such an impact all those years ago. It is hard to understand even though I was there.

I have wanted to do a video for May Flower for a long time but first at this point I think I have the skills to make a relevant one. I hope you enjoyed watching it.

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