Modern Stalker Video

My new music video is out now on YouTube.

I wrote the initial draft of this song many years ago, just as the first season of Big Brother hit the screen. At the time I had a room mate that ended up spending most of her time watching the show. I felt that she was kind of stalking them, from behind the screen. In recent years I have got the feeling that the reality stars are in turn stalking us all – we see them everywhere. They creep into every part of our life without having anything much to offer.

This is only my second video I have created on my own. It was pretty hard work and being a total video amateur there is still much to learn. I am getting the hang of the techniques, but I sometimes gets the feeling that I am lacking the overall visual masterplan. I am conflicted about whether a music video should follow the story of the song or just be more abstract visual in relation to the mood of the song.

I have plans for many more videos, so I guess at some point in the future I will master visual story telling a bit better.

Let me know what you think!
Your feedback makes it all worthwhile.

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