Album review in IndieLife

Please Panic! has been reviewed in on the Italian Music blog IndieLife, and for those of you who doesn’t understand Italian here’s a Google Translate of the review.

I noticed something interesting about Google Translate. If you specify the source language the translation is much better. This is weird because the engine clearly translated from italian to english with me giving any input, but when I then specified the source language to be italian the translation was a whole lot better.

Anyway, here’s the review:

Singer and composer Rasmus Fynbo is back on the scene with a stunning new release Please Panic !, his most recent studio album that features a tracklist of very different songs, with songs that explore various sounds and aesthetics. From clever lyrics, captivating melodies and world-class production, this album has all the elements of a release that is bound to impress audiences.

Rasmus Fynbo is a skilled singer-songwriter who loves to create meaningful but at the same time in tune music, inspired by the best pop, rock and indie music, with a mixture of styles.

Do you want to raise your arms above your head, jump and scream as you dream of a better world? Listen to Please Panic!

Please Panic! features 7 tracks that take you on a real journey through music, with each song exploring something that is absolutely one of a kind, giving Rasmus the opportunity to diversify as an artist and songwriter in many fantastic ways.

Rasmus Fynbo is a singer-songwriter who hails from Denmark and his artistic career has been running for over 25 years.

His music is a combination of indie pop / rock, mixed with folk and Balkan music, with a hint of cabaret.

“I really love mixing genres and using non-traditional arrangements – explains Rasmus – even if my songs are easy to listen to, the subjects they deal with are generally quite heavy. I don’t write much about myself, instead I write about things and stories that fascinate me: the wrongs of society, the future we play with, crazy love stories. – and he concludes – I love songs full of contrasts and slightly grotesque stories. “

He has seven albums released over the years and they have all been recorded at home with friends, or recently, with musicians from all over the world (from a safe distance).

Find out more about Rasmus Fynbo and don’t miss Please Panic !, currently available on the best music platforms on the web.

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