Review in Sleeping Bag Studios

Sleeping Bag Studios (another weird name for a music blog) has review The Azure Sea. This is probably the longest and most thorough review of any of my albums to this date. It was an almost overwhelming delightful read – here’s a very small part of it:

“There really has been an extraordinary effort made here on The Azure Sea, and it stands out on every single track, every single time you listen. By the time I got to “For Others To Shine,” on that initial spin through the new Rasmus Fynbo album, I was practically convinced that there couldn’t be anything else that would top what I’d already heard so far – right? Oh how wrong I was folks! There’s a very excellent chance that Fynbo and his talented crew of amazing musicians, saved the very best for last”

I am really grateful for all the positive reviews I have received of the album so far. Remember you can find them all here:

Listen to the album here
or buy it directly from me at (for some reason you could only pre-order it, but now you can really buy it)

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