Please Panic! Out now

At last, the long wait is over. I am not talking about the reopening of society, but the release of my new album, Please Panic! (link) The title was decided before the pandemic broke out, but it is a title that kind of frames the whole of 2020 quite well I think.

That the name was decided prior to the pandemic also shows something about how sluggishly the proces of recording and releasing an album really is. But finally, here it is.

On Please Panic! I have collected 7 upbeat indie songs that are a bit more energetic than most of my songs, and it even features a few positive songs, which is slightly out of my comfort zone.

Listen to the album here on Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, TDC/Telenor/3 Play, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Music or YouTube or buy the album directly from me on Bandcamp.

I will release more info on the songs in the menu album -> Please Panic!

As always I wasn’t alone in recording this album, I would like to thanks Per Solgaard, Sandra Bullet, Dima Faustov, Mathias Lunde, Michael Hatter, Luisana Hernandez, Miguel Vargas, Lizzy V, Josué García García and Giovanni Todaro. Special thanks to Ilyukhin for the great mix and master.

Please don’t hesitate to send me a message with your thoughts regarding the music. I am always happy to talk 😊I hope you enjoy and share this release with all your friends!

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